Ta Ann Tasmania

"Vos has Delivered over 25,000 m2 if floor area for the production and office facilities.  The total value of projects to date approaches $20 million in construction costs and an overall investment of some $87 million.... The project design has been well managed with considerable attention to meeting client needs, which at times were rapidly changing.... Each project and site presented its unique set of challenges but the Vos Construction team capably dealt with these and demonstrated significant flexibility in accommodating the needs...."


Robert Yong - General Manager
Ta Ann Tasmania Pty. Ltd.



"Vos Construction bought good design process management skills to each assignment and were at all times accommodating of client needs and showed they we very client focused....
In the projects that I have directly had a role in the construction phase as Principal’s Representative, the financial management of the project has been transparent and equitable throughout. The diligence of Vos to site management and OHSE matters was of a very commendable order....
In each instance, the Vos Construction team that I have worked with have been responsive and worked collaboratively to deliver the client needs in the most cost effective manner possible...."


Dario Tomat - Director
Whetstone Pty Ltd

Hudsons Coffee

“For the past two years VOS Shopfitting have proven themselves to be remarkable in every way. We have sincerely appreciated and benefited from their consistent hard work, determination, unwavering high standards, reliability, knowledge, understanding, enthusiasm and compassion. From managing multi site roll-outs worth millions of dollars, VOS are held in high regard by Hudsons Coffee management as they continually strive to be the best of the best."

Patrick Torcasio - National Project/Design Manager
Hudsons Coffee

Elwick Racecourse Grand Stand, Hobart

“The expertise of this company became evident very quickly……both we and our client were particularly impressed with their ability to communicate effectively and address detailed site management and programming issues which were of paramount importance in a project where the existing venue required use on a regular basis during construction…. and VOS were consistently honest, diligent and effective in all aspects of the building operation.”

Ken Edelstein - Director
KH Edelstein Pty Ltd Architects, Melbourne


“VOS Construction and Joinery…….., have done a number of large projects over the past two years. All projects were conducted under tight financial and time constraints and VOS came in on target with both of these. …..I was most impressed with VOS’ professionalism, absolute honesty and integrity and their ability to be able to resolve all issues in a calm and positive manner. I would highly recommend VOS to any company or individual who is considering a building project.”

Barry Guinane - Building Works Manager

Melbourne Recital Centre

“I have found VOS Construction & Joinery extremely professional both with on-site management and construction, and off-site with production, fabrication and administration. They have played a huge part in the success of the Melbourne Recital Centre and MTC Theatre project. They have a proven track record for meeting programme deadlines whilst maintaining the high quality we have come to expect. Having worked with VOS Construction & Joinery on this as well as past projects, I would have no hesitation in recommending VOS Construction & Joinery for any large scale commercial projects.”

Cameron Grahame - Bovis Lend Lease