Vos began business in Tasmania in 1954 with the Group's founder, Mr Roelf Vos, opening a gift store in Deloraine which was soon followed by a second in Georgetown.  However, Roelf quickly realized that people don't buy gifts every day yet they do need to eat everyday so he purchased a small corner grocery store in Launceston.  Soon after, Roelf introduced self-service shopping to northern Tasmania and grew the business into a chain of ten supermarkets, employing over 500 people. In 1982 the supermarket operations were sold to Woolworths.

In 1983 Roelf and his eldest son, Michael, began developing the Grindelwald Swiss Village and Holiday Resort (now called Tamar Valley Resort). His second son, Harry, joined them in 1989. Mr Vos passed away in 1992, after handing over leadership of the Vos Group to Michael. Mr Vos is survived by his two sons and four daughters.

The Vos family progressively turned its focus more towards property development and then construction after acquiring one of Tasmania's leading construction and joinery manufacturing companies, Laver Pty Ltd in June 1997. 

On 1 February 2008, Vos Construction and Joinery Pty Ltd acquired the North-West Tasmanian based business of Matthews Constructions.  Since this time, Vos Construction and Joinery Pty Ltd has gone from strength to strength and continues to grow.

Today, the company is a leading Tasmanian construction company that also undertakes joinery and shopfitting work nationwide.  Its reputation for high quality workmanship is the foundation for its ongoing success.

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