Vos is deeply committed to the following vision and values:   



To build exceptional projects that make a positive difference to our clients, our employees and the community.


Our business is built upon an unshakeable foundation of core values which have been instilled right throughout our organisation for over 50 years in business and upon our relationships with our employees, clients and associates.

They are:


  • We value our relationships with our clients and providing them with quality outcomes.
  • We value our relationships with our suppliers, consultants & subcontractors by cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. 
  • We value our relationships with our employees by helping them to grow to their fullest potential through training, coaching and providing opportunities for growth.
  • We value our families to strive for a balanced work and family life.
  • We value compassion and generosity so a percentage of our profits go to helping people in need both in Australia and overseas.
  • We value having fun and enjoying life!


  • We value integrity - telling the truth and lining our actions up with our words.
  • We value diligence - working productively and continually looking at ways of improving.
  • We value financial freedom and keeping debt to a minimum.
  • We value responsible use of our natural and material resources.


  • We value a safe and secure workplace.


  • We value quality, excellence and innovation in all we do.