The Vos Group have recently applied its practices in innovation to complete its implementation of Procore, a Project Management system that integrates all facets of construction projects. 

Procore is a collaborative system which allows clear audited communication between Site, Project Office, Head office, Subcontractors & Consultants, Architects & Clients.  

Procore will provide one source of truth for all parties involved, this means time spent on duplicate processes, awkward paper trails and inefficient work practices are a thing of the past for Vos.

From bidding to opening doors, Procore allows us to monitor the landscape of all the projects in our portfolio and quickly flag potential issues. With tracking of key documents like drawings, contracts, RFIs, submittals, and change orders, we're able to ensure that everyone on each project is updated in real time and assign accountability for roadblocks or miscommunication.

Subcontractors, Clients, and Architects involved with Vos projects using the Procore framework will have accounts created and recommended to complete a short training session related to your area.


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