projects - Joinery

Melbourne Recital Centre

Southbank VIC

Located next door to the 'MTC', the Recital Centre has formed one of the world leaders in facilities for music appreciation with the degree of acoustics that we were proud to be a part of.  This was achieved via a method of panelling installation that is state of the art through the multi layered hoop pine plywood and application of acoustic seal that was positioned around every panel installed. This was a complete fit-out of the 'shoe-box' shaped 1,000 seat auditorium that encompassed ceiling, walls, balconies & stage areas.

Adjacent is a supplementary Hall, called the 'Salon', which also had installation of wall panels but with a layered angled 'box' method, which displayed an interwoven design, each panel being one of a kind.

Integral with all these areas was the extensive wall panelling, through different methods of design & finishes. This was married in with usage of solid surface products that featured an extensive stair balustrade and also usage via illumination through the bar areas, providing a 3 dimensional feel.

Further to this, we provided back of house installation for areas such as dressing rooms & 'green' room. Front of House included lounge and bars, Reception, Box Office, Security office & toilet facilities and Scandinavian leather upholstered lounges and seating.

Value: $6.4m