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Bendigo Hospital


The design for Bendigo Hospital began with the belief that modern hospitals are more than places that treat illness. They are places that should promote wellness within the community. It is therefore essential that hospitals are viewed within a holistic framework that takes into consideration the needs of patients, staff and the community as a whole. Aligned with effective health planning is the need for well-designed spaces to assist with improvements in health and wellbeing.

Bendigo Hospital considers the building and landscape as an integrated whole. Hospital rooms and circulation spaces have a direct connection with nature, whether it be in the form of landscaped views, external garden spaces, internal courtyards, landscaped roofs and planted screens. A rooftop garden, visible from inside the mental health ward, provides a visual connection to nature, thereby creating a more tranquil healing environment.

Internally the bespoke and intimately woven timber ceiling runs between the hospital’s two entrances. The woven pattern filters daylight from the skylights, providing an ever-changing dappled light effect. The use of timber provides a sense of warmth and helps to increase the wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff. Internally, the inclusion of native trees enhances the biophilic ethos of the building.

Value: $1.1 Million