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Longford Police Station

Longford TAS

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to build a brand-new Police Station and this is the opportunity present to Vos with the Longford Police Station project.  Construction on the Longford Police Station commenced in early February 2021 and was built on a green field site five minutes out of Longford.

The project consisted of the construction of a 1150m2 office and also a specialized 1150m2 shed comprising storage for a number of police departments whilst allowing for expansion.

The office building comprises open work spaces, specialized emergency management spaces, a number of meeting rooms, holding cells, armory, amenities, kitchenette, internal courtyard and a sally port.  The external cladding consists of zincalume custom orb cladding and opening timber screen facing the main road.

The 1150 m2 shed is built out of precast concrete panels and consists of 6 separate secure storage areas, amenities facilities, an area for separate police department.  The shed also allows for ample storage and the allowance for future expansion.

Externally the new facility has been fully landscaped with over 1000 plants planted.   The zincalume roof and wall cladding along with the precast concrete panels, with spandek profile, provides a clean sharp look.  

Value: $6M