projects - Construction

King Island Hospital

Currie TAS

The King Island Hospital redevelopment consisted of four constructions phases from which the hospital could maintain operations and logistics throughout the build. The redevelopment objective was to achieve a safe, accessible, contemporary and efficient environment for patients/clients, staff and community members. Our team at Vos are thankful to be a part of this important redevelopment.

The redevelopment provided the hospital with a new administration office, handover room, training room, staff room and amenities. It also consisted of five new acute wards and adjoining ensuites, additional emergency and consultant rooms including a new x-ray room. A central nurses station with a pharmacy/drug store integrated at the rear of it has been well received. Upgrades were done to service areas including   laundry/morgue and kitchen area. Major upgrades were done to the plant infrastructure as well including full switchboard replacements and new heating systems. The project received investment funding of $9.5 million from the state budget. The King Island Community had quite an input into some historical artwork put back into the project as well as new artwork in the main entry that has quite a King Island significance.


Value: $8.4 Million