MAC01 Development - Opening

The MAC01 Complex has recently opened and the detail is amazing.

The MAC01 Complex consists of a 114 room luxury hotel on the upper 3 levels together with 3,000 sqm of nine commercial tenancy spaces on the ground floor. The $38 Million project is developed by Vos Nominees Pty Ltd, designed and constructed by Vos Construction & Joinery Pty Ltd.

The initial works involved the demolition of the existing warehouse on the site before construction could commence, in August 2014 the removal of asbestos roof and demolition of the existing packing shed commenced, the structure began in April 2015.

At its peak the job employed 120 people on site.

The weight of the building was then carefully designed and engineered composing of a light weight steel structure, large WB303 steel transfer beams are located in the subfloor between the ground floor and the existing wharf deck which spread the load of the columns to the existing wharf piles and foundations. The remainder of the building is sitting on 56 cast auger piles which were drilled up to a depth of 17 metres into the bedrock through unconsolidated fill.

Council planning requirements restricted the height of the building so a comprehensive services design was required due to the limited space for service runs constrained by floor to floor height.

The majority of the exterior of the building is clad in white cypress timber, over 30,000 lineal metres of this timber has been sourced from sustainable plantations in New South Wales where the trees are farmed from seed to production. The timber was specifically used for its sustainability, material specification to meet fire hazard indicies and durability for the location on the waterside.

The design concept was to create a modern looking building that retained the shape of the original warehouse, the ground floor is predominately glazed to instigate the notion of the building floating upon the Hobart waterfront from both interior and exterior views.

A three-dimensional faceted façade on the ends animate the traditional gable form and creates an inviting entrance to the interior spaces, the visual impact of the precast panels along the Hunter Street side of the building has been softened with a timber grain finish in the concrete. 

Each corridor on all of the three upper levels run the full length of the building which is 120m long, the design has turned something which could have been dark and empty into an interesting space with lots of natural light by using linear skylights, glazing at each end, and large voids that connect the three levels with a Tas Oak feature clad wall.