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Hobart Workers Club


A cherished institution in Hobart, the Hobart Workers Club has been a cornerstone of community life for many years. A new chapter unfolds as they transition from their Liverpool tenancy to a vibrant new location on Elizabeth Street.

With a two-story building in need of a comprehensive overhaul, Vos took the helm, commencing with the demolition of an existing gym to create a blank canvas for the Working Club's vision.

Vos orchestrated the installation of a fire sprinkler system, ensuring compliance with safety codes. Following this, the Vos team meticulously framed up new spaces including a function room, toilets, kitchen, and an exclusive smoker's room, paving the way for plasterwork and glazing.

From a new bar in the function room to a fully equipped kitchen and bar in the main entertainment area, every detail was crafted to foster an inviting atmosphere for all patrons.

The plumbing subcontractor undertook extensive upgrades across bars, kitchen, and toilets on the second floor, enhancing efficiency to accommodate the anticipated influx of visitors.

Vos's skilled joinery team contributed to the transformation with bespoke cladding for walls and ceilings, complimenting the stylish bars and seating areas. The industrial charm of the existing concrete floors was revived through polishing, while new carpets added a touch of warmth to the function room.

Completing the makeover, a fresh coat of paint breathed new life into the entire building, culminating in an extraordinary space destined to be shared and enjoyed by all. Experience the evolution of the Hobart Workers Club with Vos Shopfitting, where dedication to quality meets the spirit of community.

Value: $1.75M