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Sustainability Learning Centre

Mt Nelson

The Sustainability Learning Centre located at Mount Nelson is set amongst 65 hectares of threatened bushland. It was designed by Morrison & Breytenbach Architects and built by Vos for the Education Department in 2012.
The Sustainability Learning Centre, or better known as the SLC, has been predominantly constructed using recycled building materials and energy efficient practices. The facility aims to build the first 6 star as built GBCA rated education facility in Australia.
After the following 12 months of commissioning and tuning Vos and the architects see this being achieved easily. The SLC provides facilities for CSIRO, Greening Australia and the Dept of Education with classrooms, offices and a propagation facility in an environmentally friendly setting, while demonstrating the concepts behind environmentally sustainable design and building.
Recycled materials were sourced by the client pre tender and the builder post tender.
Materials sourced from other sites include: Timber framing for walls, columns, rafters and battens, skirting’s from recycled floorboards from old schools, steel c section purlins for roof, recycled crushed concrete for sub base material, doors, door frames, hardware, fixtures for plumbing trades, insulation, roofing iron, external cladding plus more.
The Bluestone on site presented early challenges in creating the foundations for the building and the use of recycled products tested the professionalism and determination of the crew in meeting the architect’s specifications.
Using renewable energy techniques such as the used vegetable oil burning hydronic floor heating system. This system which uses recycled cooking oil to heat the water pumped through the floor coils under a natural stone paved flooring material maximized the heating efficiency of the facility . Solar energy has been harnessed for hot water and electricity. Cooling in summer is provided by stored cooled water circulated through the under floor radiant piping. The water itself is cooled at night by reticulation over the roof. By building with low carbon materials and environmentally friendly practices we built for the architect and client a totally self-sustainable building with a high quality design. The building further utilises solar walls, trombe walls, and high levels of space and void insulation. The building also has innovatively used no slab and very low amounts of concrete and cement.
The SLC project was a unique opportunity to be associated with a prestige building that is aiming for a world class 6 Star as built Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Value: $2.1M