projects - Construction

Riverside Aged Care

Greater Launceston

The Riverside Aged Care project involved the construction of a 3 story Aged Care facility overlooking the Tamar river form a magnificent position in Cormiston Road, Riverside.  The 88-bedroom facility sees a ground floor with main entrance foyer, reception, café and offices, commercial kitchen, cool rooms, Laundry, and other service related rooms.

First and second levels of the new build include 88 bedrooms with stunning views for residents each with private ensuites. Large living and dining areas on both levels as well as activity rooms and landscaped internal courtyard add to the experience for residents.

Construction of the building was completed over a 2-year period commencing in September 2015. A challenging bulk excavation of the site involved the removal of 3500 truckloads of earth which was re-used on the site of a new sports oval for the Launceston Christian School. The structure of the building consists primarily of precast panel walls, columns and beams with post tension concrete slabs. External cladding is mainly brickwork and timber composite cladding but areas of composite cladding and tiles are used to add some clever architectural features.

Retaining walls of both precast panel, block work and the use of boulders from the excavated site separate tiered areas of car park, drive way and extensive landscaping.

Value: $17 Million