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Port Arthur Visitor Centre

Port Arthur Historic Site

Vos construction tendered for the redevelopment of the Port Arthur visitors centre at the end of

November 2016 with tender negotiations continuing through December and January. Vos were awarded the contract on the 2nd of February 2017 with a contract completion date of the 18th of December 2017 ready for the peak tourist season.

The tender offer included a significant cost saving solution to delete the piling and block work  foundation and introduce mass concrete piers, strip footings, precast concrete retention and under slab support. Vos understood the ground condition after building the original centre in 1998. The client after considering the cost saving offered and the reduced risk of inclement weather delaying the project and the considerable improvement to fire rating of the structure accepted the alternate solution.

The structural change became part of the contract with all structural elements of the project becoming D&C, GMP form of contract.

The scope for the project was a complete refurbishment and significant extension existing centre, while the centre remained in operation throughout the entire rebuild. This required careful planning and staging which was communicated to the client through fortnightly site meetings and Vos representation at the client’s monthly board meetings. The centre was extended 26 meters towards Mason’s Cove with new administration facilities, staff and public toilets, 3 capes track reservations and new interpretation gallery on level one. Level two included new restaurant, Main entry and foyer with large ticketing counter, Gift shop, Café and refurbishment of the existing commercial kitchen as well as all new counters and point of sale.

Value: $10 Million