projects - Construction

Guilford Young College

Hobart Tasmania

The Guilford Young College Creative Arts Link, located on the college’s Glenorchy Campus, provides students access to state of the art training facilities encompassing the areas of the performing arts, theatre technics, hospitality and catering.  The new building provides the college with both a rehearsal and performance space large enough to accommodate staff and students of both campuses, and to be utilised by external entities; most notably the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music.

The creative arts link, designed by Luttrell Pyefinch Architects, includes a 650 seat auditorium, a large stage area, a fly tower incorporating the latest theatre rigging, lighting and audio visual systems, dressing and green room facilities, rehearsal spaces, a commercial kitchen and servery, foyer and exhibition spaces. The fly tower is required to extend over six stories in order to house the complex rigging system, theatre lighting gantries and orchestra pit.  The college has been provided with flexibility in how the auditorium space can be utilised, due to a combination of fixed and retractable seating; with seamless progression from intimate to large scale audiences able to occur.

The building sees use of ground and suspended concrete slabs, precast concrete panels, facades of glazed brickwork and composite aluminum cladding, steel framed structures and a five floor passenger lift.  The construction proved complex with its requirements of high level finishes, intricate details and curved walls.  The foyer and gallery façade sees an impressive glazed brick construction in an undulating form; difficult to achieve when using rigid materials. 

The Guilford Young College Creative Arts Link was successfully completed to a high degree of quality, made easier by the excellent communication and relationship formed between Vos, the college and architect.  The college’s vision of providing a creative arts centre in Hobart’s northern suburbs has now become a reality.

Value: $7m