projects - Construction

Elwick Racecourse

Hobart TAS

Tote Tasmania Elwick Grandstand, recently completed for our client consisted of a partial demolition, major extension and redevelopment/renovation of the premier racecourse venue in Tasmania. The existing steel and concrete/brick structure had undergone many previous refurbishments committing several different construction styles and methods. The challenge for Vos Construction and Joinery was to incorporate these existing buildings into a cohesive and modern racecourse facility that was able to be completed within a very truncated program. The racing industry marquee events, the Hobart Cup and the International Interdominion Pacing Championships, were able to be held on time within the client’s requirements. The project of some $12 million was substantially completed within 8 months while still allowing the venue to operate for all normal weekly events and training schedules.


Major Structural Steel Frame

Multi-faceted oval cone structure of broadcast/judges towers.

Specialised Glazing façade system to grandstand frontage

Integration of three different extensions over the lifespan of the site into one cohesive facility.

Requirement for the owners and tenants (TRC TPC, Greyhound Racing Club and Tote) to occupy and run events throughout the duration of renovation and extension of facility.


Time frame for the project included two very important immovable events for the client, Hobart Cup and Interdominion Pacing Championships. Under extreme pressure and many weather related delays the events were held successfully within the client’s wishes and demands. The site for the project is subject to some of the windiest weather in the Hobart area and as such the large amount of high work within structural steel , glazing, roofing, and formwork trades was able to be completed with limited problems albeit with a lot of rescheduling. The project was able to be completed without any scheduled events being cancelled and or relocated. This onerous requirement needed specialised scheduling and communication to facilitate the needs of all project proponents on a weekly and sometimes twice weekly event schedule.



The key project personnel all committed to a very tight time frame and the communication channels required to complete the project with a mainland based group of architects and consultants was handled within Vos site based Integrated Management System via email, fax and personal communication methods. The project documentation was produced under an equally tight time frame and as such the requirements for answering some 300 Requests for Information and 500 + Instructions was a demand that the Integrated Management system handled well and produced an excellent result for all involved in the Elwick redevelopment. Programming of the project was undertaken using Microsoft Project on a weekly basis enabling Vos to inform the client of progress and expected progress on a weekly basis. Material alternatives in structural steel and glazing amongst others were offered and accepted throughout the project to enable the time frames to be met. Many other facets of the project not completely documented such as the kitchens and Tote mezzanine level offices were developed with the client and architect in house with our specialist contractors to quickly and effectively bring these areas into reality.

Value: $11.5M